In bed with a dictator - Zelensky

If you want to sleep with a dictator, use Pillows with Zelensky Image. Which is pathetic all the media that is subsidized is holding hands and worshiping a real dictator.

When you really know the man behind Zelensky, you can really see his face as a dictator. It's not from the big traditional media that you're going to learn about it, on the contrary they misinform you because they're on the left. Yes, yes, it's only a war with Russia, behind it is also a war of right and left.

If we look at all the documents of the Government of Canada, we realize very quickly that its leaders are hiding all the horror from us, of the women and children killed directly by the soldiers of Ukraine since 2014 with the weapons of the United States and from all over the planet. Why is Canada silent? the answer is simple, Canada a NATO country protects, protects NATO. Even in the documents that can easily be found on the web, it is written in black and white that the Russians are right not to want to collaborate with NATO. (The Canadian Army says so)

Zelensky is just a dangerous power-hungry psychopath.

If you watch the video, which does not lie, this video demonstrates that since Zelensky came to power, heinous crimes have been committed by his Nazi soldiers. All, without exception, all the media, the leaders of these information channels know what is happening, the bloodshed in Donbass since 2014, and they hide it, crimes perpetrated, ears cut off, heads cut off simply because were Russians at heart. A crime that Zelensky punished by death.

You have to see it to believe it!

When we take the time to watch this video, we understand exactly what is happening and Putin says: "Since 2014 you Zelensky have been murdering civilians absolutely for nothing, it's time for it to stop, NATO continues to advance and provoke me, to set up hazardous materials laboratories to work on pathogens with a high risk of infecting the planet.

In fact, what they are hiding from you, what the fake news media are hiding from you, is the liberation of Ukraine by Russian soldiers. People freed from tyrant Zelensky, jump and cry in the arms of Russian soldiers.

What we are still hiding from you is all the humanitarian aid that Putin has offered to people who have been hiding since 2014 in basements everywhere, for fear of being bombed, killed by the Ukrainian Nazis

We must stop pretending that Zelensky is good and defending the indefensible, you are also complicit in his crimes if you remain silent. Blood has been flowing for moons and you stare in indifference, take the time to do research, on good websites (non-subsidized sites that will bring you the sad truth, that Zelensky is a power-hungry animal who kills innocent people for no reason.

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